Czech Soles - Ginger - Very BIG feet in a bathtub teasing POV

Added: 04-12-2021

Ginger is taking a bath and you wanna be there and watch her. Especially her sexy and big feet. She really has huge feet - size 42-43 and she knows this secret about you. It's just that she has no experience with it and she finds it a bit awkward to let you worship her feet. On the other hand she's pretty naughty too and when she notices you peeking out from the door and staring at her big bare feet, she gets and idea to tease you a bit with her feet. It's gonna be fun for her to watch you drivel over her feet, a bit of a confidence boots for her. She invites you in and plays with her feet as she's laying in the bathtub, with her wet feet outside with her soles right in front on your face. She soaps them up nicely all over and massages then with her hands. Then rubs one foot on the other and makes these horny sounds and you're just hooked, lost, helpless and totally turned on by those sexy feet. Can you hold on and not jerk to them now?

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