Goddess JessiBelle - I'll Stay and Watch - Femdom Pov

Added: 06-12-2021

*Not humiliation
You watch me as I get fucked from behind. It is fine, you can jerk off while watching me fuck. It's fine, you won't ever get to do this to me, but you can watch. You get to cum when I tell you to. You can watch and try to jerk off. Okay, that's enough. You go wait in the other room, don't touch yourself, just sit in there an wait until I am done.
It's so hard to watch me get pounded and all you get is to touch yourself. If it helps you can jerk off and I can stay here and watch.
Jerk off, keep watching me. Don't beg! Count yourself lucky that you get to look at me. No, you cannot look at my butt. You get to see my tits. It's so frustrating, isn't it?
You should count yourself lucky that I am staying here with you while you try to jerk off. Okay, fine, I will let you look at my butt but you only get 10 seconds so you had better make it worth it. If you cannot cum within those 10 seconds then you don't get to see me anymore. You will have to finish alone.

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