Mistress Euryale - An Endless Tooth Extraction - Medical Domination

Added: 06-12-2021

You came for a simple dental exam at Vermilion Clinic. A dental gag has been placed in your mouth and your dentist starts examining your teeth with her dental implements, looking for cavities or abnormalities. You feel vulnerable with your mouth being fully open and stretched by the gag, and this feeling gets stronger when she announces you that you haven't been taken care of your teeth and a tooth extraction will be mandatory.
Her latex-gloved fingers inserted in your mouth confirm the diagnostic. Your dentist then grabs a syringe and inserts it in your gum - you thought it would make your oral cavity numb but it is your whole body that you can't feel anymore... You can only witness her sadist emotion when she shows you the huge clamp that she is about to use for extracting your tooth...
An extracted tooth later, you understand that she had no incentive to to help you heal, as she points out in front of your eyes the scalpel she will use to cut pieces of your gum here and there, sculpting your meat until she is satisfied with your new mouth. You would like to scream, to run, but your body doesn't respond... Your horrified look might have excited her, because she is telling you that she will keep you with her, after a last and essential injection...

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