Goddess Taylor Knight - The Holiday Homewrecker Mobile Version - Masturbation instruction

Added: 06-12-2021

So you are having your annual Holiday Party.. Everyone comes totally over dressed in their ridiculous Xmas themed, cold weather gear.. Then walks in ME! Dressed super sexy in my shiny, tiny black dress, nylons, red thong, baring wayyy to much cleavage to not look. You cannot help but gasp..wonder if your wife heard you? You have no idea I have a motive to coming to your party..I mean c'mon...Look how hot I am compared to every single woman there...Including YOU WIFE!! You head into a room all alone...I know this is my chance and I follow you & close the door behind me.. I have something on the table in front you you? Have you ever done these before? I doubt it with your boring, lame wife.. It's ..I tell you how to snort them, and explain I am about to take you into another world..A world of ecstasy, with the hottest woman ever! I tell you that bad boys get me HOTTT..And I want you to be a VERY BAD BOY...and cheat on your wife, while she is just outside the room being a good hostess.. I show off my body & tease the hell out of you..reminding you just how hot I am compared to your wife...She's sooo plain! I keep teasing you, trying NOT to be quiet..I want us to be caught! This is why I go to these parties & find the most successful "unbreakable" married man... I then find some balloons on the ground that must have trickled in from the party..I start rubbing my ass all over them, stating I KNOW you want it to be your face. I then warn you my booty & legs are super strong...I think I just may POP these balloons and see if your wife hears.. I do, but she does not.. So now I let you touch yourself.. You must follow my directions... I finally tell you I will count down...after teasing ALOT.. And you can CUM on 1 condition.. That you cum all over my giant tits, and then after you had the best cum of your life, you MUST introduce me to your wife.. WITH THE CUM ALL OVER MY TITS!! I am so stimulating and have you in such a trance, you know at this point cumming for me is worth a ruined marriage.. I remind you this is what I do yearly, to many guys.. It gets me off, and I KNOW you guys will ALWAYS cheat!! It never fails.. 3...2....1.... You EXPLODE EVERYWHERE!! All over my big, perfect natural tits! It was the best cum of you life!! Now it's time... You are so nervous but know you must fulfill your end of the bargain.. You do not even care at this point you are in such ecstasy. Such a Trace.. I am sooo good at what I do!! All you will think about after this video is....Taylor..Taylor...Taylor.. Don't worry little minion...I have BIG plans for you!! And you must do your part! Add a markup code below, or tribute, get noticed, and make my Holidays Amazing as it should be...I want LOTS of gifts under my tree boys!! xoxo

Your addiction for life, -Tay
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