Countess Jezebeth - Purify You - Mind Fuck

Added: 15-12-2021

You've been a pervert for your entire life and it made you get used to thinking that you're entitled to seeing pussy, tits and ass. It's shameful. We both know you deserve nothing. We both know you're watching Me right now, jerking off, so horny from My body, My words. Anything I feed you, you'll take it because you will follow My lead no matter what. I want you to change. I want to purify you and reprogram your brain to believe that you don't deserve to see a woman's intimate parts. I can do it, you just have to allow Me to reach inside that head of yours and get deep. It makes everything so much easier when I take complete control like that, doesn't it? When I make you forget about the things that make you impure, you start feeling much better. Now, I will make you sexualize what you deserve to sexualize. The lowest parts of Me. All that you deserve is to be underneath Me, licking My boots, sexualizing them. Getting horny just looking at the sight of my bare foot because that's nudity to you now. Getting horny sucking on my heel as if it were My cock because that's oral for you now. Getting horny worshipping the lowest parts of Me because thats sex for you now. You're so completely mindfucked. But you're mindfucked for Me.

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