Olivia Rose - Forever Immortally Mine

Added: 18-12-2021

Custom Script:
"Please wear the same catsuit, with the zipper (or similar) that you wore in the "Vamp Wrecked" clip. I'd also really like you to wear your fangs in this clip, but if that's not possible, I understand.
You would play the role of a sexy Creature of the Night in this clip. You & I've been seeing each other, and you've been feeding off me during our relationship. I'm your very willing slave, and I have been looking forward to taking the next step and joining you as a Creature of the Night. It's something I want.
Today is the day. Earlier, you allowed me to consume some of your life source, and now we're ready for the next step. For me to turn, you will break my neck, offing me so that I then transition to the undead.
I'm fully aware of all this and very eager to undergo this process.
Please tease me seductively as you prepare me for this transformation. Tell me things like how you're so proud, happy, and excited that I'm choosing this, and how wonderful it's going to be.
Please move in close to me, ask me if I'm ready, and then snap my neck (audible neck-breaking sound), offing me.
A short time later, when I awaken, you welcome me to the other side. Tell me about how we are bound together now and will be so close and how amazing things will be for us now that I'm one of you.
It's now time for me to feed on my first victim, to fully complete the transformation."

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