Kelly Sunshine - Descent Into Submission

Added: 18-12-2021

It's so easy to slip into an addiction to Me. Don't you remember how you got here? It wasn't difficult at all to make you crawl right into My web. Now you're trapped. It started with you staring at My photos on Twitter every day. There was something about Me that kept you coming back. You needed more. You eventually gave in and bought a clip. You had no idea what you were in for but you couldn't get enough. It was as if I was reading your mind with the things I say. I somehow knew the secret fantasies you've kept inside all these years. I know you've always dreamed about being dominated by a beautiful woman. Realizing how I understand your deep desires only made you want to please Me more. You called Me once and before you knew it you were calling every day. Mindlessly obeying My orders as if I had cast a spell on you. Now you're beginning to forget what life was like before meeting Me. It feels so good to be totally wrapped up in servitude. Your purpose is to serve Me. You are so lucky to have found Me.

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