Mistress T - Big Night For Chastity Cuckold

Added: 24-12-2021

It's a big night for you! Noooo, you won't be coming out with us tonight. You'll be staying home, locked in chastity while we go out with your credit card and cash for a night on the town. I do have special plans for you though: you'll sit in front of the computer and watch hours of video's of us fucking while locked in chastity. Maybe when we get home you'll be allowed to jerk off, but only if you do something humiliating to amuse us. - - - - NOTE: This video is best enjoyed if you have several of my cuckolding vids to watch between part 1 (before we go out) and part 2 (when we come home) to really give the feeling of sitting in chastity alone waiting for me to come home and unlock you. Part 1 & part 2 are both in this video. In the 2nd part we come home and make out in front of you. I unlock you and let you jerk off on the condition that you lick my boyfriends feet while I compare your small dick to my boyfriends thick man meat. Serious HUMILIATION.

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