Jenna St James - The Deadly Dangling Game

Added: 28-12-2021

This was a custom clip, no names were used. What he wanted: "In the future, the War of the Sexes is over, and the women kicked our ass! Men are now disposable fucktoys that aren't allowed to cum. You're a beautiful webcam goddess with more than 10,000 followers, and today you're going to play a little masturbation game with your entire male audience. We get a chance to cum IF we can win. The game is simple: while watching your webcast, we must jerk off into special "pussy simulator" tubes you've provided to us, while watching you dangle your stiletto pumps precariously on your toes. We must guess which shoe - the right or the left - you're going to let slip to the floor. Once we enter our guess, there’s no changing it. If we guess correctly, we keep jerking and move to the next round. But if we guess wrong, your network will send an electric surge through our pussy devices and into our cocks, stopping our hearts instantly! That's right - just by guessing the wrong shoe that slips off your foot, we will die a miserable, humiliating death. Our lives are dangling on the edge, just like your stiletto pumps. Now, if the game only lasted one round, we'd have a coin toss chance of making it... but you want to make it nearly impossible for us to survive, so you tell us we're going to play 6 rounds (with different pairs of closed toe stiletto pumps, if you have multiple pairs). You LOVE it... we're totally fucked! There's no way we can guess correctly for that many rounds. It's a rush to mindfuck us, switching feet and keeping us on the edge, knowing that any second you could dispose hundreds of men just by flicking your toe and dropping a high heel! As soon as your shoe falls, you laugh at all the losers and mock us: "All of you guys who guessed 'left' are dead! I just dropped almost 5,000 men with the flick of my toe!" (My trigger words are "dead", "you're fucked/you don't stand a chance!", and "zapped" (as in our cocks!)). You rack up a huge body count every round, giving you immense satisfaction - it's a kick to eliminate so much useless cock. Will any of us survive the final round and get to cum? Or will you dispose us all with your high heels and leave no cock standing??"

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