Goddess Natalie - Custom turning you into my lil slave - New Year

Added: 29-12-2021

We all gathered at my house for a Christmas party, and I decided to invite the losers at my place of work, as well, just for fun. After all, a party wouldn't be as amusing without a couple of idiots to make fun of, would it? haha
So, long story short, that's how you ended up being invited at my party, as well, Gio. After a while, I ask you to come meet me in my room upstairs in 10 minutes, and you get all excited thinking you hit the jackpot lol what an idiot! Once you get to my room, though, you find out pretty quickly that all I want is to mock you and make you kiss my ass.
Isn't it such a privilege for a loser like you to get to kiss a Goddess' ass in person? But, guess what? Surprise, surprise! Goddess is feeling super farty on top of that, so you're gonna be turned into her dirty little bitch and fart sniffing slave. Oh, don't lie, I know you like being used for that, you lil bitch! - this is a custom video for Gio, so you gotta thank me extra for making this public!

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