WowArielle - Let Him Fuck Her

Added: 05-01-2022

Your obsession with BBC has gotten so bad hasn't it? You've always wondered.."why not me?" so envious of a cock that could really pound pussy. You've always worshiped BBC & the control it has over women. You worship BBC so much that you'd even let him fuck your wife or your girlfriend. You literally worship the ground black men walk on, that's why you've been craving to watch her get fucked. You'd even beg to watch Me get fucked by a big black rod. Her pleasure matters more than yours anyway & you know you're NO match in the bedroom. Why would you continue to let her suffer when you know BBC turns you on too. You'll never be comparable to BBC, your cock is no match. You'll never be as good as BBC & that's why being a cuck turns you on even more than fucking pussy. Every time you have sex it's always bad & you never make the girl cum. Your girlfriend or wife doesn't like having sex with your tiny dick, you fucking fail every single time. Shes probably already cheating on you might as well you join in so you can lick his superior nut out her pussy when they're finished.

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