Mz. Kim - Transformation Of StepMom - Meek To Sexually Aggressive and Dominant

Added: 07-01-2022

****A new custom brought to life. No names are used. **** You are my stepmom. You are kind and caring. I am your adult stepson. I think you are too nice and I secretly wish you were more aggressive. It is a normal day and I surprise you with a gift. It's a bracelet. (It's a bracelet that makes you more aggressive and dominant but you don't know that ) You put on the bracelet and your personality begins to change. The bracelet works too well. You become more sexual and aggressive and dominant. You start to get really flirty and start saying very dirty things. This turns you on more. Suddenly you don't like the sundress that you are you go to change into something sexier. You come back in a tube top unbuttoned with your cleavage out and a mini skirt so short that I can see your thong. You tell me that you found my journal with all my fetishes and fantasies in them. You tell me that you are going to try them with me.
First: breast worship. You start to tease me with your cleavage. You play with your own breasts and begin to moan. You push your cleavage in my face. You tell me to look right at your breasts as you play with them. You say " That's right. Look right here you disgusting piece of ****." "You fucking loser."
Second: light name calling and grabbing and spit fetish. You say "Hey, loser". I say "Me?". And then you say " Yeah, I'm talking to you, bitch boy. Come over here". Then I come closer to you and then you push me against the wall and you grab me around the throat. Your fingers tightly grip around my neck. Then you start to spit in my face. You spit in my face multiple times. You say " You like that don't you?" I say " Yes, Ma'am". You say " I can tell. I feel your cock getting really hard." Then you throw me on the ground and tell me to look up at you. Then I do. You say "That's right you worthless piece of ****. Look up at me." Then you spit in my face and then you make me open my mouth and you spit in my mouth. After that you put your ass In my face.
Next : ass worship. You pull down your thong and push my face in your ass. You put my nose deep in your ass crack and tell me to sniff. You tell me to breathe you in. Deeper and deeper. Then you pull my face out for a second then put my face back into your ass crack and tell me to breathe you in again. This whole time as I'm sniffing your ass you are moaning with pleasure. After that you tell me that I'm going please you how you want to be pleased. You tell me that I'm going to make you cum first and then you are going to make me cum. You tell me to stick my tongue out and put it in your ass. You tell me to move it around back and forth, in and out until you cum. Then you grab my head and make me stare right into your eyes. You tell me that I'm going to cum while staring deep into your eyes. You give me instructions and tell me how to jerk until I cum.
(All throughout the video you are insulting, teasing, slapping and edging me.)
This video idea was inspired by one of the first videos I ever bought from you. "Mean Stepmommy Transforms into Filthy Milf" It was so hot and I wanted to put my own spin on it to make it even hotter. :)
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