Princess Camryn - Serving My Stud

Added: 10-01-2022

I deal arrogantly with my pathetic horny submissive “friend” who I have put in the friendzone. I sit down in my living room, to find my “friend” kneeling on the floor. I was busy with my phone, so I don’t pay attention to him at first. After informing me that he had done all the chores and paid my bills, I dismiss him from my prescence only to remember that I have one last thing I want from him. I'm expecting a visitor and I want a maid for us. "We are still best friends, and you are still in the friendzone but you are trying very hard to impress me, buying me everything, accepting my humiliation, and jerking off every day to my worn shoes which you have become addicted and crazy for. I drain you every single day and you crave more humiliation from me." Soon you will meet my new stud of a boyfriend and you will accept your place. I call him up to see when he is coming and inform him that my little sissy loser friend is going to be serving us tonight. I bring out an outfit for you to wear in front of me for the night. I don't care if it's humiliating, you will put it on and obey me all night. Now lock up that little dick and get back on your knees.

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