Lanie Love - Biracial Offspring

Added: 10-01-2022

OLD THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO, if you want your own, EMAIL ME
We work together and I've had my eye one you for a while. You see, I've been dating around and trying to find the perfect guy for what I need but I haven't had luck. I'm ready to have a baby now and no one has fit the bill, except you... You're smart, your hot, and come on, mixed babies are the cutest. We'd make the most beautiful babies wouldn't we?
I come to your office to propose the idea to you. "You'd be the perfect sperm donor, just say yes," You're hesitant at first so I begin to tease you to convince you more. "I'd like to do this the old fashioned way, fuck me right here in your office and cum inside of me," you still try to resist but I know I can make you. "Take your dick out white boy", I say as I strip and crawl towards you. You take your dick out and wow it is SO big! I chose wisely. I can't wait to have your sperm deep inside of me. Get me pregnant please, our mixed babies will be perfect

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