Dommelia - Dommelia Ruins Your Marriage

Added: 11-01-2022

You are a huge fan of femdom POV. You've been watching it for years. It's the most wonderful distraction from you sexless marriage. And at some point in your browsing, you came across Dommelia. She's utterly perfect - and the complete opposite of your wife. She's British, blonde and busty -OH SO BUSTY! She's overtly sexual. And since finding her, your addiction has deepened. Her generic clips have encouraged you into buying custom clips from her. You recently bought one, and are at home watching it, when mid goon session, you are interrupted by a video call from your uptight, prude, porn-shaming wife. You're unable to hide what you're doing from her in time and she clocks that you had been masturbating. She is NOT happy. Later, she calls you into her office to discuss this "infidelity", and try to find a solution to your disgusting porn habit. She is interrupted by a work phone call and has to leave the room, and much to your surprise as if like magic, Dommelia appears on her computer screen. Dommelia's will for you to cheat on your wife with her knows no bounds, and of course you are powerless to her, so despite the huge risk, you do as she says and start jerking off with your wife right outside the room, a danger wank like no other! (Custom clip - no names used).

mp4 | 1920*1080 | 2,68 GB | 00:22:48


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