Humiliation POV - Goddess Leena Fox - Oinking Pumping Pay Pig Idiot I’m Going To Fuck You Over Dumbass

Added: 14-01-2022

Goddess Leena Fox! This clip is so fucking hot! It's such a mindfuck! On one side you have Goddess Leena mindfucking your piggy brain harder than it's ever been fucked before, and on the other, you have her flawless body, teasing you, making it impossible for you to resist your pay piggy urges.
I think that you are a really big fucking idiot. And so would everybody else if they knew you like I do. If they knew what an idiot you are, if they ever saw you in your idiot pay pig state, the state that I put you in so easily. You pay pigs are the biggest fucking morons out there. Jerking paying fucking idiots. You are just so easy, so dumb, so vulnerable, so easily manipulated. I love it. And you love it too. You are such a fucking idiot.
All I see when I look at you is another stupid pay pig. Do you wanna know what makes you the biggest idiot out there? Dumber than the rest? An easier target? Well stupid piggy, it's because you want this so badly. You ache for this. You want so badly for me to fuck your mind and fuck your wallet and leave you with nothing but that rush that you can only get from an experience like this. Lol. See, you're really fucking stupid. And it doesn't matter how many times I tell you what I think of you, how much I reveal my true contempt for your idiot pay pig ass. It just makes you want it more. And that's probably the best part. How weak you get when I tell you just what I think of you. When I remind you of exactly what you are. A jerking paying piggy idiot.
And you will never be able to get enough of this you fucking idiot. You're just gonna jerk it all away, all down the drain for hot brats. You just can't resist. Because the more I treat you like dirt, like the sub human pig that you are, the more that little piggy cock aches, the more you want to pay. Isn't that right, idiot? How could I think any more of you? You've got no self respect. All you do is pump and pay. That's all you're good for. All you're good for is being treated like the idiot that you are, so you can pump it all away, right into my greedy hands.
C'mon idiot, how many credit cards did you bring today? Because we're going to be running through all of them. This is never going to end. Do you really think that I'd ever stop with any easy target like you? I don't even have to try. I just exist and you pay. That's how this works, idiot. You just can't help yourself, can you? You're just another idiot pig who exists to be used by hot brats like me.
C'mon keep clicking. I know you're clicking like crazy on the other end of that screen because I know what my words do to you. I know that the more I treat you like dirt, the more you need to pay me. So I know you've already been clicking without me even telling you to because that's the kind of fucked up pay pig idiot you are. Look at you idiot, you're doing it again, just pumping it all away. That's right dumbass, keep going, keep clicking. You're an oinking fucking idiot and I look at you with such disgust. That is, if I think of you at all. Because let's be honest, why would a girl who looks like me, every really think of you? Other than when you're pumping your life savings right into my bank account. Good idiot. Keep pumping, keep paying you disgusting little pig.
Everyone else would think you were such an idiot if they knew about our little secret. And that's how you know it's true, that you're a fucking idiot. And you always know it when you're done, how stupid you are. After you've jerked it all away for my gorgeous face, my perfect body and cruel honesty lol. Don't stop clicking you fucking idiot. I know that you've got more credit cards to run up and your idiot ass is going to go into debt for me because you want to. You want to jerk it all away so badly. And that's what makes you so stupid. Is that you ache for this. You want this.
This that's going down right now is what you fantasize about, a brainfucking, a wallet fucking. You're not normal, you're a disgusting oinking idiot. Keep clicking. I know how weak I make you and I know that your idiot piggy brain is never going to be able to quit this. How could you? It's a rush like no other.

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