Goddess Alexandra Snow - Slave Alchemy - Stage Four - Water

Added: 15-01-2022

Welcome to stage four of my Slave Alchemy series: Water. Water, in this context, relates directly to the process within alchemy called Dissolution. In dissolution, we start to blend into the solvent the liquid that contains and supports us. We take all that we are and all that we’ve made and we suspend it in cool, clean water. In dissolution, we dissolve and separate the chunks we’ve created in the previous step calcification, but it’s more than that. We incorporate those particles into a solution that we can refine, filter, and use. We loosen our boundaries and can do so more easily without being locked into our identities. We submerge ourselves in the water and use motion to separate the waste from the reward. This water is your devotion. This is a devotion to something higher—devotion to your Goddess. 
Your devotion moves you, inspires you to make new decisions, and to serve with greater purpose. This devotion suspends all of your faults, misgivings, and distrust into a solution that can be made new and whole by my hands. Carbon-based life needs water to live -- such as you need devotion to thrive.

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