Natashas Bedroom - Ruin Your Life

Added: 18-01-2022

You're a high functioning porn addict. No one in your life knows what a chronic masturbator you are, what a sexually dysfunctional goontard you become once you sneak away and start stroking for femdom. Everyone probably thinks you're normal. You probably think you're normal, too. It's easy to be delusional when you're hiding in the loser closet. 
But guess what, jerk bitch? I know the truth about you. I know the dirty little secrets that lie underneath your delusions of normalcy. You're a bitch for porn, a fuckup for femdom, a loser for me. I know your weaknesses, and I understand exactly how to exploit them. 
Keep staring at my tits. Keep jerking that cock, you porn addict. It's time to self-destruct. 
You're a high functioning porn addict, but that won't last long. You have no sense of self-preservation now, not when you're jerking your brains out for me, and who am I to resist taking advantage when you're in such a dumb, weak, and vulnerable state? Is it so wrong for me to push you over the edge and ruin your life when you so obviously deserve it? Probably. But I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to make you fuck up your life with porn until there's nothing left to fuck up.

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