Goddess Natalie - How I changed my boyfriends attitude

Added: 21-01-2022

My boyfriend is definitely not the loser, beta boy type like yourself. He was pretty good in bed and a nice enough boyfriend, but after a long time in a relationship, it's easy enough to fall down the path of taking your partner for granted.
It's easy to stop paying attention to their needs, especially when you are a slave to your cock! So I found the solution - chastity! When you're locked in a cage, you shift the focus from that pathetic piece of meat between your legs to the woman in front of you!
We work differently than guys do and need a lot more attention, someone to listen to us, to understand us and spoil us every now and again! And if you forget to do these things, you can easily lose the woman in your life, which you gotta remember also means you losing the opportunity to have sex with her!
No guy out there would want that, right? So I'm gonna teach you exactly how I changed his attitude towards and how I'm about to change yours! That way, at least you have a chance of eventually getting day...who knows?

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