Goddess Natalie - Humiliated fat pig cleans my feet

Added: 21-01-2022

Back in school and later on, in high school, you used to be that fat, ugly loser that all the girls made fun of. You're still pretty fat now, just that you started to like being called a pig back in the days of high school, when you got rejected by all the cute girls and called a pig, it used to make you feel bad, humiliated...treated like s**t. I guess that's your way to turn your bullying into something positive, so you don't have to feel that bad about yourself anymore - you made your humiliation into a fetish and now you get turned on every single time I call you a pig and reject you when you ask for sex. After a couple of months of sex with you, it became clear to me that you're a loser and I can have way more fun fucking other guys while you watch. And since you can't make yourself useful with that pathetic cock, you can at least pay for my entertainment and clean my feet with your tongue. That's the very least you can do, pig! Now chop, chop, pay me what you owe me and get down on your knees! I don't have all day, loser!

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