Goddess Natalie - How it all started

Added: 21-01-2022

Do you still remember how it all started, cuckold? How you became a full-time cucky for me and ended up doing so many disturbing things to please me? Do you remember those days when we used to go to the club together?
When I flirted and danced with any guys at the club? Do you remember who was the first guy I brought home to have sex with while you watched? Isn't it funny how much you've changed since then?
It's been a year since you're my cuck, and you've been locked up in chastity for so long! I think you truly deserve a reward after all that - you deserve to have sex! But not with me, of course haha :) you remember when you dressed up as a sissy for me?
You saw how much I liked it, how much it turned me on, right? And when you followed my instructions and sucked his sock just to taste my juices off of it...OMG! That made me so wet, and I want you to do it again for me, but this time...there will be 3 guys!

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