Goddess Natalie - The way I like to b mail my hubby

Added: 26-01-2022

My hubby doesn't even half-deserve all the good stuff I have to offer, like those amazing blowjobs only I know how to give. He's not able to properly satisfy me from a sexual point of view, and he's quite small down there on top of everything.
So I decided I wanna try something a little different, because I'm quite bored of the same usual stuff we always do. I'm about to inform him that if he still wants to get any of my blowjobs, he's gonna have to put up with whatever I suggest.
Even if that involves me fucking other men. And even if those men happen to be black, much better endowed and really sexy. That's right! I know he won't be able to say no to this, cause no other girl out there gives better head than I do! He could dump me, I guess, but he'd only end up feeling sorry for himself later on lol :)
So guess he's gonna become a little cucky very soon! It won't be long before he'll beg to see me fucking those guys and also want to be caged while I make fun of him, as I take a real man's cock! This is going to be so much fun!

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