Ceara Lynch - The Cuckold's Proposal

Added: 26-01-2022

Babe, we need to talk. I think I found the solution to all our money problems. You just aren’t making enough these days to meet my high standards. Remember my best girlfriend’s bother? The one who’s always casually flirting with me in front of you? Well he sent me a text yesterday; he said he just had to have me, all I have to do is name the price. I tested the waters and told him I wanted a new Porche. You know, the kind you were suppose to buy me but never could? He’s already signed the paper work and he’s ready to give me even more. This is a dream come true for us. Finally a marriage where I am both financially and sexually satisfied. Really, I’d let him fuck me even if he didn’t have all that money. I’ve been fantasizing about him since we were in school. I don’t know what happened. How did I end up with someone like you? Your dick is small and worthless and you can’t even give me even half of the things I want. Don’t try to argue with me on this. It’s done. Why do you think I’ve been primping all day? You can either accept our fate and help me get ready or you can fuck off and get a divorce. I don’t care.

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