Goddess Natalie - The beginning of your life as a cuck

Added: 26-01-2022

Your sex life has been pretty stale, boring...simply lacking the necessary ingredients to make anyone want to keep doing it. And you're one lucky bastard who has such a sexy, hot wife on top of everything! Other guys would work much harder to keep her satisfied!
But you're too drowned in your work, your latest projects...other things seem to come first. So she tried her best, but then decided to talk about it with one of her friends, who suggested cuckolding. She also had a lame sex life with her husband, but they slowly started, and now she fucks black guys in front of him.
She also said they're so much better than white guys! I wonder why though! Your wife isn't that sure yet if she wants to try the real thing, since she never had a BBC before, so decided to start the easy way - by watching interracial porn while cuckolding you!
I'll give you a hint: by the end of it, she will cum so hard that she will never want to go back to regular sex ever again. And once she cums, she's certain as hell that she wants to try it for real! So get ready for this, hubby!

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