Princess Ellie Idol - BEING ELLIE

Added: 29-01-2022

It looks like Ellie's having such a fantastic time playing with herself. You'd think she's never done this before as her dreamy eyes look lost in ecstatic blissful self gratification. She licks her toy but all good things must come to an end.
Two hours earlier PA Ellie looks amazing in her sexy smart business outfit as she makes an unbelievable proposal to her successful boss. How'd he like to experience being Ellie for an hour or two. Her intriguing offer certainly tempts him but it's an unobtainable fantasy. Ellie though is d34dly serious she can make it happen providing he agrees free from duress.
Ellie says she's discovered a magic book with a body transfer spell all he has to do is sign his name. Ellie knows he doesn't believe her but he's intrigued by the prospect. Ellie asks what's the worst that can happen. If it doesn't work she'll be embarrassed. She joking tempts him with the prospect of having to give him a blow job to ensure he doesn't tell anyone.
Ellie unbuttons her blouse to reveal her designer bra. He's stunned to see his pretty charismatic PA's perky cleavage. Ellie cups her pert vibrant boobs and asks if he'd like to play with them. He can if they switch body just for a couple of hours. She wants his body to follow her boyfriend to see if he's cheating on her. If they do this she promises not to tell his pretty girlfriend Jessica. Ellie can see he's transfixed and removes her smart skirt. He can't believe his PA the most attractive girl in the firm is stripping down to her underwear, stockings and heels.
He wonders if his colleagues have put her up to this as some kind of joke. Ellie slaps her firm arse and asks want he thinks. She describes how she works out every day at the gym, how tort and fit she is with plenty of stamina. Her body is first rate if it was a car it would be a Ferrari. Her eye sight is 20/20 and her touch is exquisite. Just sign the spell and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Ellie wickedly produces a toy to help him pass the time as her. She licks it and teasingly suggests what it feels like in her tight wet pussy. Ellie's cavorting antics persuade him to sign as she hands him the toy. What's the worst that can happen?
Just over two hours later the spell ends and he's back in his body. Ellie's wearing only her bra and panties feels fantastic, refreshed and ecstatic. He in contrast feels weak exhausted and drained. Ellie checks out her vibrant body making sure everything is as it should be. She adjusts her underwear and asks how he enjoyed the experience of being Ellie. She knows he'll have had a good time, they always do. She reclaims her dildo its magic is part of the spell. Ellie tells him the spell's for rejuvenation and the toy is a conduit taking his life Coerce from him to give to her. She specifically targets dynamic successful men to take their, well their mojo. Ellie admires his stamina he certainly enjoyed being her.
Ellie's in a particularly good mood she'd already arranged a meeting for him with his attorney and attended as him. She's changed his will and life insurance making her the sole beneficiary. She mocks like a boyfriend would ever cheat on her; she'll never have a boyfriend since no man is worthy.
Ellie starts to redress knowing if she takes her time he'll be d34d by the time she's finished. Ellie loves putting on a show for her victim well it's the least he deserves for giving her youth. She tells how good she always looks at funerals. She's a real scene stealer she wickedly speculates how mourners jerk off thinking of her once they get home. Elle's jokes about how she likes his pretty blonde girlfriend, Jessica. She has just the right obsession spell to cast at the funeral. By the time Jessica finds out everything's been left to Ellie she'll be captivating enthralled by Ellie consumed with the desire. Ellie describes how she'll fuck Jessica with her dildo. Ellie has a thing for pretty grieving widows and she'll make Jessica her plaything. As he expires Ellie blows him a wicked kiss.
(One of my best performances yet!)

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