Cruel Girlfriend - I Love Watching You Getting Beaten Up

Added: 30-01-2022

You have no fucking idea - but I arrange for you to get beaten up all the time. Surely you must have wondered how you're so unlucky. That time in the bar, that time in the gym, that time we met up with the girls - guys just seem to beat you up for no reason... you'd have never thought the reason was me would you? Uh-huh I asked them to do it - I asked those guys to beat you up - just because I love watching big strong men beat you the fuck up for me. It makes me so hot - watching you getting pushed around and intimidated by other guys. I love it so much - seeing the fear in your eyes as a bigger guy starts to lure you into a fight. You know he'll mess you up - you know he'll hurt you - you know he'll make you look like a fucking wimp in front of me - and then BAM! He hits you and it instantly makes me wet!
It's not just watching you getting beat up that I love so much - it's watching your submission - your defeat to an Alpha male. It's watching him fuck with you, bullying you and tormenting you before the inevitable beating. I love seeing them make you look like such a coward - especially when there's an audience. Like when it's not just me there to see you trying to talk yourself out of getting your ass kicked - but all my girlfriends too. It must be so embarrassing for you - getting bullied by a guy while we all watch. I'm kinda surprised you've never noticed how much we enjoy it - like most girlfriends would defend their boyfriend - but I just let those guys fuck you up. Most girlfriends would try to stop their boyfriend from getting a beating - tell the other guy to leave you alone - but instead I'm secretly cheering him on - waiting for him to make a fucking mess of you!
And so after you've been handed your beating - where the fuck am I huh? Am I taking care of you, am I telling you how brave you were and what an asshole that guy was? Am I putting ice on your bruises? Nope - I'm with him - the guy that beat you right in front of me. I'm giving him his reward - I'm thanking him for making you look like a fucking wimp for me and my girlfriends. I'm FUCKING him cuckold. Yeah-huh - I've sneaked away to show him how hot it made me seeing him fuck you up like that. I'm sucking his bully cock, I'm letting him take your girlfriend as well as your pride. That's what he gets for being the winner - that's what he deserves - your cruel, bitchy girlfriend. I'm gonna let him ruin my pussy - just like he ruined your face cuckold - I'm going to thank him for every painful bruise he left on you... while you lick your wounds all by yourself. Coward!

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