Cruel Girlfriend - Medically Modified Masculinity

Added: 31-01-2022

You need to be modified sissy - enhanced for the pleasure of men - and that means surgery - EXTREME gender modifying surgery! I want you feminized to the ultimate level - to an irreversible degree - to a point that you're so ultra-girly you'll be hated by real girls. It's possible, sissy - our Triple M program will turn you into every real-man's fantasy bimbo - physically and mentally. Not only will you look like the girl of their dreams, you'll talk like her, act like her and even think like her. Can you imagine sissy - by the time we're done with you, you're gonna be that trophy bimbo you see wiggling alongside their wealthy businessman owner, or modelling lingerie for men in some VIP room, or performing on cam for big tipping members - whatever men want from you - you'll be a reprogrammed doll an it all starts right here!
Step 1 is the transformation surgery. You're going to be given huge fake breast implants - as big as we can squeeze into your chest. OMG it's amazing what a new pair of tits will do to you sissy - it's amazing how a pair of XXL tits will define your new feminised body. But this is just the start - we're going to pump your lips full of filler we're going to sculpt a dainty waist and curvy hips to give you that perfect frame men love so much. We’re going to give you a cute, girly bottom and a tramp-stamp tattoo in the arch of your back. You will undergo full body laser hair removal treatment to make you smooth from head to toe. You will have long blonde hair extensions, big fake lashes, and permanent makeup. The end result will be a bleached blonde boner-teasing barbie princess.
Step 2 is the masculinity de-programming loop - designed to make you as girly on the inside as you are on the outside. You will be subjected to an intense cycle of feminization mind-washing. Reinforcement techniques to turn your mind bubble-gum-pink. You'll think like a girl - you'll talk like a girl - and not just any kind of girl - a dumb bimbo. You'll be ditzy and cute - you'll be stupid and submissive - just how the boys like. You won't be interested in boy things like sport and cars and stuff - all you'll be interested in is makeup, shoes, clothes and how you look. Most importantly - how you look to boys. You're going to be trained to please men - not just with your mouth and ass - but in every respect - how to be perfect for them. You're going to look hot, be dumb and please men - are you ready sissy? Are you ready to be have your masculinity erased - medically modified forever?...

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