Gala MV - Ruined orgasm JOI

Added: 01-02-2022

*Custom video, I say a name throughout*I'm your bestfriend's daughter, and we already had 2 sessions together you don't need to get the 2 first videos in order to enjoy this one though!)Well, I know that I've been locking up your cock in a chastity cage, but today, I'll set your cock free and let you jerk off for me (JOI). I tease you all throughout, show you my tits, ass, pussy... I make you edge... your balls must be full and ready to explode in a big cum load! I've been a nice girl, but today... I feel like ruining your orgasm. I finger myself to make me cum, give you a cum countdown from 10, but I tell you to go hands off at the end of the countdown when I’m having an orgasm. You have some cum that came out, but not everything, right? It must feel so weird to stop you from having a full orgasm... I'll give you some blue balls, but don't worry, I'm still a good girl and we'll have more sessions. For now, I'll cage your cock again until I let you cum next time, maybe...

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