Spoilt Princess G - Teased and Denied Worship slave

Added: 04-02-2022

This was a custom clip productionPlease use my name Bob often in the video. (Tone of the video should be a combination of cruel teasing, laughing at my situation, and encouraging me to accept my place and focus on making you happy) It is the next morning. You leave me tied up with your panties in my mouth while you go off to exercise. You can see how exhausted and easily compliant I will be today, You tease me by drinking a cold bottle of water and that I must be extremely thirsty after last night. You offer to give me some, but you do so by spitting in my mouth. (please do so intermittently throughout the clip) You want me to continue to become addicted to the taste and smell of your sweaty body. You have me worship your feet and armpits again. You notice I am struggling with my new role in your life, and you assure me that I will grow to love it - you notice how hard my cock is. After you are satisfied that your feet and armpits are clean, you tell me I know what I need to do next. You tell me you will allow me to jerk off while licking your ass, but I need to beg you for the privilege. You want me to associate my pleasure with pleasing you - but you do not let me cum.

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