Cruel Girlfriend - Princess Aurora - Sissy Princess cumbag Tiara

Added: 12-02-2022

Y'know what every princess deserves? A crown - and that's exactly what you're going to get - only you're not a real princess are you? No you're a pathetic, submissive, pansy-poof, SISSY princess! Sissy Princesses like you get to wear an EXTRA special kind of crown that I like to call the Cumbag Tiara. OMG sissy it's so perfect for you - you're gonna absolutely LOVE it! It's delicate and pretty and covered in sissy-sparkles and it's going to sit on the crest of your long blonde girly head. And to make it oh-so special for you - It's going to be decorated with all the alpha-jizz filled cumbags from all the real men you're made to pleasure!
After you've been pimped out to another satisfied client, I'm gonna make you collect their used condoms from the floor and I'll hang the slimy bag of cum to the front of your pretty tiara where it will dangle in your feminized, made-up face to remind you of your status. You'll spend your life staring through all the heavy loads of cum you've drained from the balls of all the men you've been sold to. The evidence of what you were made to do right in your face sissy. Cum you were made to suck and fuck for in your humiliating sissy uniform. Proof of your sexual slavery to men - hanging in your face. All the pleasure of real men that caused you so much humiliation draped over your face and what did you get for it sissy? Did you get to feel that same pleasure? Did you get to cum like they did? Haha - no sissy - you were used, degraded and fucked and made to suck until they were done with you - and now you get to wear their pleasure from your tiara.
I'm gonna make you wear your cumbag tiara all day long sissy - so while you have a real-man pounding your fuck-doll whore ass from behind, you can feel each of the icky condoms slapping your painted face as they dangle from your little princess crown. With every thrust into your pimped-out ass, your cumbags will bounce in time with your huge hooped earrings onto your bimbo-glossed lips, your XL fluttery lashes and your blushing cheeks. Imagine the humiliation, sissy, as a real man fucks you hard and rough - preparing another load to hang from your pretty tiara - ready for the next stud to take his place. It's going to be super-humiliating sissy but with every bounce and every slap of cum-filled condom into your face will come the reminder of what you are and what's expected of you - make men cum sissy!

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