Cruel Girlfriend - Princess Aurora - Corporate Cruelgirlfriend

Added: 12-02-2022

Imagine if a CruelGirlfriend bitch became your new boss. Like, not some random hot girl that sneered at you for drooling over her but an actual CruelGirlfriend. I'd be the sadistic new owner of the company you've built a career at. The heartless bitch in control of your income, your pension, your opportunities. I'm your worst fucking nightmare and I'd delight in fucking you over right in your own workplace - making your life a torturous board-meeting from 9-5! The fun I could have with a beta-wimp like you - snapping my fingers at you in front of all the office girls, sending you out on errands for me, demanding you fetch me coffee and snacks haha! I'll call you into my office to clean the soles of my pretty heels. I'll make everyone see how you've been demoted to the office bitch. Nobody will have any respect for you - least of all me!
I'm gonna make some changes around here too loser - the dress code for starters - well at least for you it will. Office bitches will wear PANTIES from now on - regulation pink frilly panties under your tight office-girl attire. So while you're getting bossed around and bullied by me (and the other girls of course) you'll be doing it in panties and dressed like a sissy-secretary! I'll check your new uniform every day - in fact maybe I'll get one of the hot little interns to do the panty-checking for me. She can report back to me with any panty-infractions and I will decide on a suitably humiliating punishment for you. How embarrassing for you - having to hitch up your pencil skirt and reveal your panties to a giggling intern to prove you're wearing them. But you want to keep your job, don't you? You don't want me to have to fire you? So I guess you're gonna have to just suck it up panty boi!
Now what sort of boss would I be if I didn't punish bad behaviour in the office? I'd have to make a proper example of you if your panties aren't pulled up properly, right? Or if the seams in your stockings aren't perfectly straight - or if the Skinny Caramel Double Whipped Latte with 2 Sugars I sent you out for is too hot or too cold? I'd have to teach you a lesson in front of all the girls, wouldn't I? Would a humiliating verbal beat-down be enough? An emasculating spanking? An invasive pegging over the photocopier? Maybe you'll deserve all three - and all supervised by my new all-female team of office brats. You'll take it to keep your job sissy, or I'll send you home to wifey to explain why you can't pay the mortgage this month.

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