TheCandyGlitter - Candy Glitter - 21 Day Gooning Addict Challenge

Added: 12-02-2022

Here’s a little factoid I learned recently. It takes about twenty one days for an addiction or habit to be formed or broken. One of my slaves told me this, along with a notion that he might be able to break his porn addiction if he abstained for twenty one days. Obviously, none of my slaves can go twenty one days without worshipping me in some way, so that’s fucking stupid. However, it did give me an idea. Pretty much any slave in my service can stand to take their gooning addiction deeper. So with that in mind, I want you to apply this notion. For twenty one days, I want you to goon for me harder than you ever have before. Go above and beyond, and make yourself fall deeper into my goon hold. At first it might be hard, but as the days go on, your new level of goon addiction will become more and more natural. If you’re a good boy, and do as I tell you, at the end of the twenty one days, your addiction will be solidified.
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