Goddexx Daphne - Im SO Sweet to You

Added: 11-02-2022

Slave, kneel before Me. We’re going to have a little chat.
Mmm, look at that. Look at how easily and quickly you obey Me.
This is where you belong. On your knees for Me - physically, mentally, spiritually, all of it. You belong in this position of servitude and obedience, don’t you?
I heard that you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by My demands lately. Is that true? Do you feel like I’ve been asking for too much money, too much time, too much energy?
Let’s set the record straight.
I’m not a cruel Goddess. No, I am so fucking sweet to you.
I am sooo generous when I allow you to kneel before Me. It is soooo kind of My to allow your submissive eyes to even look at Me.
Any scrap of attention that I decide to share with you is a gift!
When I call you a little bitch, or a beta, or a slut - it’s so nice of Me! It’s so sweet of Me to even acknowledge you.
And now I’m going to give you another gift. A flash of My middle finger. Lucky little slave!
Be a good pet and send Goddexx a tribute!

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