Goddess Alexa Divina - Big Dicked Ex Boyfriend

Added: 11-02-2022

My ex is going to be in town and I convinced you to let him stay with us with a plan to cuckold him. But you wonder if his dick is bigger than yours. Yes his dick is nice and big but things with him were only physical, I'm your girlfriend for more than just sex. You and I are going to make him our cuck tonight, here I'll show you all the positions I want you to fuck me in. It turns you on to see me in these positions but not yet! Not until he's here and our door is cracked so he can hear everything. I want him hearing all the moaning and dirty talk while I fuck a real man.
Normally I wear cute innocent clothes, but I changed into this sexy little dress and put on lipgloss and makeup for him. I want him to see exactly what he's missing. When you and I go into our room we'll leave our door cracked open and I'll change back into something casual with easy access so you know I want you to fuck me.
But then he gets here and as soon as I see him all these feelings come rushing in and I remember how good his dick made me feel. I start to thinking of how I can get him in here to fuck me and you out of here. At first we get on the bed and seeing me me change back into an easy access outfit signals you its time to fuck but then he texts me about how he's so tired and uncomfortable on the couch so as our guest, I tell you to switch with him. He's going to come in our room, in our bed next to me and you're going to stay on the couch.
You don't think I'd fuck him in our bed with you home right? Our door will be cracked open, you would hear everything, you would be able to see and watch us as I ride his big dick. You're not getting any sex tonight. My ex is our guest and he's going to be in here with me now. I'd promise you nothing will happen between me and his big dick but I can't. I know once he's next to me wearing this easy access outfit it'll be easy to get his pants off. And you'll be out in the living room hearing everything. The heavy breathing, the dirty talk, the moaning, suddenly you realize our plan to cuck him is being turned around and you may be the one getting cucked tonight. And for some reason it's turning you on

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