Muse Naadia - BNWO 28 Days of ReparationsDay 4

Added: 12-02-2022

Central to the idea of the American Dream lies an assumption that we all have an equal opportunity to generate the kind of wealth that brings meaning to the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” boldly penned in the declaration of independence. The amerikkkan dream portends that with hard work, a person can own a home, start a business, and grow a nest egg for generations to draw upon. This belief, however, has been defied repeatedly by the United States government’s own decrees that denied wealth-building opportunities to Black Americans.
Today, the average white household has roughly 10 times the amount of wealth as the average Black household. White college graduates have over seven times more wealth than Black college graduates.
Making the American Dream an equitable reality demands the same U.S. government that denied wealth to Blacks restore that deferred wealth through reparations to their descendants in the form of individual cash payments in the amount that will close the Black-white racial wealth divide.
Additionally, reparations should come in the form of wealth-building opportunities that address racial disparities in education, housing, and business ownership.

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