ClubStiletto - Goddess Amelia - Farting Face Sitting and Squirting Goddess

Added: 13-02-2022

"Come here" Goddess Amelia tells her slave who is kneeling on the steps awaiting her instructions. He looks up at her big juicy fat ass in the air, her succulent hole staring right at him. As he crawls in she lets out a couple ripe farts and you see her anus spread to expel the gas. She demands he sniff them. She reaches behind her and pulls his head into her crack. She wiggles her ass and bounces it into his face before telling him to put his head in the face sitting box.She sits down and tells him to eat her ass. To reduce friction she gets up and puts oil on his latex mask so her ass will glide better. She sits back down and blows a few more farts into his face causing the slave to gag a bit. After a while she pulls out her vibrator and starts plunging it into her dripping wet pussy. The combination of his tongue up her ass and the toy on her pussy gets her super hot. Soon she screams with pleasure and when she pulls the dildo out her juices squirt onto the slave and all the way across the floor. Now she really settles in for some deep ass rimming. She spreads her legs across his body and only laughs when the slave starts to kick for air.

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