Humiliation POV - Rebelle Hart - Censored Tease & Denial JOI

Added: 15-02-2022

Rebelle Hart!
Hey loser. Stroke your little beta dicklette. We're going to play a fun little game. Well fun for me but it will be brutal for you lol. You see, you're such a fucking beta loser, that you don't deserve to see a hot brat like me naked. You'd probably explode immediately if you ever saw a hot girl like me naked lol. But even without seeing me naked, you probably still prematurely ejaculate when you see me. And if you do, I win lol.
So here are the rules, if you cum before I tell you to, you lose, and you owe me $100 dollars. And in the tip note you're going to write, 'I'm a fucking premature ejaculator for Princess Rebelle and I always fucking will be.' But if you wait to cum until I tell you, you win and then you only owe me $50 lol. Isn't that sweet of me? LOL! You know I only play games where I always win. And it's going to be a tease and denial game. If I'm fully clothed, I want you stroking your pathetic little cock. And if I take my top off, and you see pixels because that's all you deserve, then you can't touch your fucking dicklette at all.
You see not only do you not get to see me naked but you don't even deserve to touch your tiny little dick to my perfect pixels. So start stroking. Stroke your beta loser dicklette to my perfection while I tease and humiliate you. I know the effect I have on you, it's why your dicklette is useless around real women. I broke your fucking dick loser. You used to have a life before you became obsessed with me. You used to go out on dates and have sex. But I've helped you realize that betas like you don't deserve that. You just deserve to stay home alone and jerk your lonely horny dick to hot girls on the internet who are better than you. You know a girl who looks like me would never pay attention to you in person. And that's why you're so addicted. Now stop jerking.
That's right fucking loser, no touching while my tits are out. You know what would be really funny? If you lost during one of the pixels portions when you're not jerking, and your fucking little beta dick just spurts out everywhere! LOL! And if any gets on your face, well you have to lick it off. And of course, you'll have to pay me extra for that treat lol. It'll be $150, and in that tip note I want you to write, 'I'm a little premature ejaculating cum eating loser for Princess Rebelle.' LOL!
Jerk it again loser while you stare at my perfection and listen to my bratty voice. I'm your dream girl and remind you of every hot girl who's ever rejected you. And I know how much that turns you on and so I love using it against you. Which makes you even more obsessed with me as you stroke your little pencil dick to me being so mean. And the meaner I am, the more your cock throbs. Now stop jerking!
Under these pixels is my perfect pussy, a pussy that you will never fuck let alone see. And you don't even deserve to touch yourself when it's on your screen and pixilated. I know your dick is twitching as you keep your hands off. You're going to lose, I know it. Now stroke again. Now stop lol! You're so addicted to my perfect, bratty ass. And it's right in front of you, but you can't really see it, can you? Just pixels for you loser. I know how badly you want to jerk to what's under these pixels. But you don't get to touch your loser dicklette when I'm naked on your screen, well not naked, just pixilated lol!
Jerk it again loser. Every time you jerk to me you become more and more submissive. My cruelty sneaks into your brain and starts destroying brain cells, taking over and completely reprogramming you. I love destroying your ego and leaving only what is useful to me. You're just a premature ejaculating loser who can't even make it through this video. LOL! So you have to keep paying me. But if you haven't cum, I'll bet you want to so bad. But... stop. LOL! Now just stare at my pixilated tits while your cock throbs. It's so funny how much control I have over you simply because I'm young and hot and you're a pervert lol.
Jerk it again loser. I know you're getting close to cumming. Stroke it faster. And if you've made it this far, I'm going to count you down to a huge orgasm, lucky you lol. But either way you still have to pay because losers always have to pay. 3, 2.. Stop! LOL! I couldn't resist. One last time loser, right when you were about to burst. LOL! I can be so mean like that lol. Start stroking again, although I wouldn't be surprised if that last one made you cum hands free. Stroke faster. 3, 2, 1... Cum for me loser. Now go fuck yourself loser and pay me lol!
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