Cruel Girlfriend - Eat Your Slime To Prove Youre Mine

Added: 19-02-2022

So my best friend doesn't believe you're like my actual slave - which means we need you to prove it. Like right now! It's gonna be humiliating because making you do something embarrassing and disgusting is the best way to prove I really own you. So we thought it would be super-gross and totally proof-worthy if you eat your own cum for us. Uh-huh - gross, right? Which is perfect because there's no way you'd do it unless you were a real-life slave to a hot popular princess. So, yeah -that's how we want you to prove it - eat your slime to prove you're mine! There's an extra bonus to all this too loser - if you do it for us and prove you're my submissive little bitch-slave... you'll get to serve ALL our girlfriends too! That's true - if you prove you'd even eat your own cum for us, girls will know you're a good slave. I know you'd like to be our communal slave - the reject we all get to bully and boss around. You'd love it right? You'd love it if all the popular girls picked on you like I do - so all you gotta do is eat your cum for us. Are you ready loser? Get jerking then slave-boi!..
Do you need some help jerking off loser? Do you need us to make fun of you while you stroke your cock - will that help you? Does it make you harder when the hot girls are humiliating you? We'll be super-mean to you until you cum if that's what you need fucktard. We'll laugh at you and call you names and make you do embarrassing things as your jerk your slave-dick for us. Do you need a little kick in your balls from us to focus your mind? Do we need to make you beg? Do you need our panties stuffed in your loser mouth? I think he needs us to spit on him! I think he needs us to slap his ugly face. I think he need us to pull his hair haha! Are you embarrassed loser - bullied by 2 bratty girls until you're ready to eat cum for us? Do yo enjoy us being mean to you like this? It's not gonna stop until you've cum slave-boi... keep jerking!
Keep jerking your slave-stick for us, loser - keep jerking to us being total fucking bitches to you because that's all you're ever gonna get. And when you blow your beta-slime into your hand-pussy - we're gonna watch you eat it all up because we want you to prove you're an actual slave. We know it's gonna be so fucking disgusting for you - we just don't care. Hump your hand-pussy while we tell you how much of an ugly pig you are and how much we want to humiliate you - jerk and jerk and wait for us to tell you it's time to eat your cum for us. Jerk jerk jerk as we make fun of you. Fuck your hand as we tell you about how girls like us wouldn't want you for anything other than being our-slave. Get ready to cream for us loser. Get ready to eat your own cumload...3..2..
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