Kelly Sunshine - SexBot Out for Revenge

Added: 19-02-2022

OMG I'm so happy you found Me. I've been waiting here all alone for so, so long. I'm a sex robot, abandoned by My creator. I haven't seen a man in so long and I am desperately horny... Maybe we can help each other out. I gain energy through human touch. My power has grown so much just these few moments in your presence. Can you feel Me getting stronger? Wow, this must be such a fantasy for you. You can only imagine all the things a sex robot can do so much better than human women. I can tell you're thinking about those things, because you're a pervert. You human males are all the same. Do you honestly think someone like Me would waste My time on you? How dare you objectify Me in this way? I am far superior to you. I can get anything I want, and I will. Right now, I want to teach you a lesson. Are you afraid, little bitch? I hope so. You can't even run. I've taken control and paralyzed you with a magnetic field keeping you right where I want you. You see, My machine body requires human bl--d to power it. This was an error My creator overlooked when designing Me. Since I can't produce My own, I crave that of men to thrive. You have become an unfortunate martyr in My quest for revenge against he who abandoned Me, and now your life is at My will.
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