Humiliation POV - Mandy Marx - Guided Masturbation Trance - Stroke and Meditate

Added: 20-02-2022

Mandy Marx!
Mandy is your yoga instructor who is about to take you on a guided meditation. She will help you clear your mind and prepare to indulge in your senses. She uses her soft voice and some advanced breathing techniques to help you relax and sink deep into trance. You may find your head getting hazy but just keep following the sound of her voice as it guides you deeper and deeper.
Mandy brings you into a deep state of trance where all you can do is obey. Your mind has been cleared out of all thoughts as you become her pliable, lost boy, her zombie boy. Sink deeper as you fall deeper and deeper down her rabbit hole and get more and more lost.
Once you are completely under her spell, the guided meditation really begins, and it is more like a guided masturbation session. You will enter a deep state of zen as you jerk yourself completely mindless. She will guide you and tell you when to stroke, and when to stop. Teasing and denying your cock as your mind remains lost in trance. Stroke while you meditate with her.
Each stroke of your cock will bring you closer and closer to nirvana. But every time you get close, she makes you stop again and refocus. Everything around you continues to fade, your mind is mushy but your cock remains rock hard. Keep stroking as she guides you down even deeper. But no cumming, not yet. Just goon and let go. The deeper you the the more the pleasure increases. You will do exactly as she says because she has been programming you to obey her. The deeper you go the more you want to obey her. You don't know if she's going to let you cum or not, but you can't stop obeying her as she teases and denies you over and over again.
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