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Added: 06-03-2022

I know how much you want me, it's easy to see. You don't have to be afraid to admit. Admit to me how much you fantasize about me. I know that you crave me. I tempt you on purpose. To make you want me more, to turn you on and tease you daily. You want me more than anything don't you? You'd do anything to get the chance to fuck me. To slide your cock into me from behind while I'm laying just like this. I'm fertile right now and so fucking horny for a cock inside me. But what makes you could ever be you? I could have any man I want. I'm going to pick a prime specimen to fuck me while I'm fertile. You're fun to tease and taunt and make you want, but in reality you're not good enough for me to fuck. I have date with a real man tonight. He's going to slide his bare cock into my dripping wet pussy. He's going to fuck me long and hard, making me cum over and over while he pumps his sperm in me. All while you sit back and watch. Awww do you wish it was you that could fill me with cum? You get nothing but to watch. Watch as he fucks me just like this. Thrusting his bare cock, no condom, into my creamy pussy from behind. You'll watch as I demand he keeps spilling his cum deep inside me and gets me pregnant. Watching as his cock pulsates and fills me with cum. Use code "YESCARLIE" to prove you're a good boy to me Use code "ALLFORCARLIE" to cover the site's cut and give me 100% Use code "EVERYTHINGFORCARLIE" to give me more because I deserve it
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