Humiliation POV - Goddess Dommelia - Vicious Ruthless Unrelenting Verbal Assault On Your Loser Psyche

Added: 06-03-2022

Goddess Dommelia!
This clip was a HumiliationPOV member submitted custom idea, we make our members clip ideas for free! And Goddess Dommelia nails this clip! Her non stop 17 minute, relentless verbal assault will have you whimpering yet you won't be able to take your hand off of your cock! LOL! No one knows how to verbally tear you apart like Goddess Dommelia! You know you are a loser and you know that hearing the real truth makes you so horny, and that's why you won't be able to resist buying this clip, will you? Dommelia is going to get Very real with you, because that's what you like, isn't it loser? You don't like made up fantasy clips that don't relate to your reality, that's not what gets you off, is it? You don't want an 'actress', you crave the real truth, from a real girl, straight from her lips. You need someone who truly understand your pathetic loser psyche like nobody else. This clip will break you down and turn you on in ways you never thought possible. This clip is brutal! Here is the member submitted idea:
Please make A very REAL clip for very real losers. This clip is for you losers who crave REAL girls, girls who don't sugar coat things, they are real with you. I want to hear what the girls actually think of me. It can mention and focus on these points:
In reality I don't know you, I don't wanna know you, I don't wanna hear you, see you or communicate with you in any way! You are just a loser that nobody cares about, you mean nothing to me!
In reality I am not even looking at you! I'm looking at a camera! Your sex life is some digital pixels that I recorded some other time while looking at a camera. This is the truth, this is reality! You are not even in my life, you don't exist, this is just some recorded video where I am talking to a camera, and yet your life depends on it, you need it.
In reality I like you to love and worship me without even letting me know about your existence. I don't wanna know about you, what you look like, or who you are. But I want you to get obsessed with me (or the website humpov), and I want you to have me as your god, you should hate yourself for Her, bow down to her, love Her and give Her ALL you worked for, and your soul in a silver platter to Her.
In reality you don't matter, so cry, feel sad, and repeat after me, "I don't matter". In reality you are in love with me while to me you don't exist. Repeat, "I don't matter". In reality you are obsessed with me. Repeat, " I must live to please my Supreme Goddess while she doesn't give a fuck about my existence."
In reality if having you sadder and dumber helps me gain more money out of you, I would happily help you with that. Not in person, not in chat even, just here on your screen, as I have recorded this talking to a camera without even slightest hint of your existence in my life. I order you to do whatever it takes to keep yourself weak for me. Whatever your weakness is, pledge it to me, "I would do whatever it takes to keep myself weak for Goddess." Don't think idiot, just jerk and obey. Start crying and having tears, if sadness makes you weaker and makes you feel hornier, why not give up everything for Her.
I want you to hate yourself and love me, love me while I degrade you, and live for that. Now get back to work and make more money for me loser. I'm so happy I don't even know you, I never wanna see you, hear you, or communicate with you. Just be obsessed with me, and serve me.
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