Goddess Natalie - Slave teased denied and CBT d custom

Added: 07-03-2022

So, it seems that my little slave is keen for some more endless teasing. And this time he dared to ask to see me wearing my fishnet outfit and a pair of sexy black heels. To make myself look even sexier, I added a black robe to it that I'll slowly take off while teasing the hell out of him.
Now, you know what they isn't nice to abandon your b.r.o.t.h.e.r.s and let them suffer alone, so I reckon it would be nice for more of my slaves to be teased and tormented all at the same time. Go ahead and grab your bottle of magic, some strings for your balls and get mentally prepared for some CBT, too.
Oh, and to make it more painful for you, how about you get some nipple clamps, as well. How I wish I could see all of you lined up in front of me right now - with your balls tied up, all of you wearing clamps on your nipples, sniffing for me and slapping your balls haha what a sight, hmm? Now go ahead and thank me for allowing you to see this video!
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