Raquel Roper - Cum Funnel Ft Miss Roper

Added: 07-03-2022

To fully immerse yourself in this video and fantasy, you will need to purchase or craft some kind of funnel.It's been so long since you've cum. Perhaps you've been locked away in chastity for weeks or months on end. Maybe you simply haven't had the desire or time to touch yourself. Either way. You're pent up and desperate, making you moldable. Willing and able to do whatever I desire or request from you with minimal hesitation. The sight of my glistening body, glossy lips, and sensual tone aiding in convincing you to follow through with what I ask. Which for some, may be a hard limit. Something that makes your stomach turn. Or, you may even enjoy the idea of finding release and being made to shoot back your sexual frustration. Either way, by the end of this viewing you will swallow your seed. A cum guzzler who takes it all down a funnel. You never thought you would find your way down this road, but here we are. Mouth open, pumping away knowing full well that if you wish to finally have an orgasm you will be responsible for disposing of it with your own mouth and tongue.
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 802,79 MB | 00:13:21


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