Humiliation POV - Lucid Lavender - Findom Seduction By A Manipulative Cash Princess

Added: 07-03-2022

Lucid Lavender! Lucid is so fucking sexy and seductive in this clip. She will melt your brain and turn you piggy cock into a twitching mess lol. This clip is filled with subliminal findom triggers that will have your cash cock throbbing lol! You're so fucked!
I'm kinda in the mood for something, I kinda want something. And I'm sure you're desperate for it too. I mean I know you, you're willing to buy me almost anything to make me happy. Just for the chance that maybe I'll let you jerk. Because that's all your little boy brain can think about, jerking and cumming. You'd do anything for it. And we both know the one thing that does it for you, don't we?
So I was thinking, I love these shoes, but they're getting a little worn. And I saw another pair that I like and they're only $700. That's not bad, right? And I was thinking how much you'd love to buy them for me. You can do that, right? And I might even give you a little reward but only after I see that the order has gone through.
Kneel down. Good boy. Now look up at me. I know how much you love to make me happy. You want to be the one that puts that smile on my face. Some people might call me materialistic but I think I'm just good at getting what I want without having to pay for it myself. Maybe I use my looks to my advantage, or maybe I'm just smart. I think I just know how to use boys like you who are just waiting for a beautiful woman to use them. You like being used, don't you? As a little cash pig, a little fetish tool.
As soon as that card comes out of your wallet and you start entering your numbers to purchase me shoes, or a handbag or a fancy dinner that you're not even invited to, your cock starts to twitch You see that little mischievous grin on my face and your cock starts to throb, doesn't it? Seeing that money drain out of your account, there's something exciting about that. So do it right now, pull out your credit card, and pull up the website with those shoes. Enter your information and your credit card number. Good boy. Good pig lol. Now click. Didn't that feel so fucking good? I know it did.
Now prove to me that you bought them. Good boy. You're so stupid, giving me what I want all the time. I know your cock is so hard right now and I did promise you a little reward, so take your cock out. Now start stroking it. I know it's been so desperate to be touched since the moment you 'clicked' and completed the purchase lol. It was so hard in your pants before I even told you to take it out. I love how easy and ready you are. Every time you buy me something your cock just gets automatically hard.
I give you that rock hard erection. You buy me stuff and I give you a nice hard cock. Or does just buying me something give it to you all on it's own? It feels so good in your hand, doesn't it? But it wouldn't have felt this good if you hadn't purchase me something, would it? You see just by allowing you to pay me, I make your cock hard. Isn't that so nice of me? And I'm so good at it too. So good at getting what I want. So good at being hot and smart and maybe just a little bit manipulative. But we're both getting what we want, aren't we?
You're going to get that nice big orgasm you've been craving and it always feels so much better after you've bought me something. It gets you so horny. But do you know what will make you even hornier? When you think about what you're going to buy me next and how much it's going to cost. That just has your cock throbbing in your hand. You're twitching thinking about when you can pull out that credit card again or when you could hand me some cash to go on a little shopping spree.
Pump it piggy. I know I'm making your cock feel so fucking good right now. I know you love having someone who lets you touch yourself. I give you a purpose. I give you meaning. I make sure you don't throw your money out the window on useless things that you'll probably never use because all you really want to do is jerk your cock while I drain you. I'm making sure you buy things that are important and that matter to someone and that someone is me. And you're so lucky and grateful to have this little relationship with me, aren't you? It's so nice to have someone take care of my financial desires while I take care of your need to pay.
And the funny part is that I can afford anything I want, I just like when you do it for me. Your cock feels so good in your hand when you get that rush that I allow you to feel. I know you're getting close, close to that intense financial orgasm. But can you get there without clicking again?

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