Humiliation POV - Goddess Alessa - Goon Away Your Marriage Feel Your Marriage Disintegrate With Every Pump

Added: 08-03-2022

Goddess Alessa!
Admit it, it feels so good to be bad, doesn't it? You know you shouldn't be here right now, but you can't help yourself. Not when it comes to me. Your marriage is hanging on by a thread already. I know you don't fuck your ugly wife, because I know that you're too busy jerking off to me, paying me and obsessing over me even when you're with her. You know that this is going to destroy your marriage but you can't stop, can you? You know this is wrong but that's what makes it so hot. You know you should be fucking your wife, but you can't, because all you wanna do is jerk your cock to me.
Even when you have to take her out, all you can think about is rushing home to your computer so you can jerk your cock to me lol. I want you to get the point where she doesn't exist at all. You like the thought of that, don't you? You want it to be just me and you. Deep down you know how wrong this is but you just don't care. You can't help yourself. And I completely understand. I mean look at her, and then look at me. I'm young and beautiful and bratty and have a hot tight young body. Your ugly wife never stood a chance when it came to me.
She doesn't know how I tease you with my body and make me jerk for me while I manipulate your mind and make it impossible for you to give up this addiction. She has no idea how horny I make you and how much money you spend on me, does she? She has no clue how badly you want to be with me instead of her. And I don't even want to 'be' with you lol. I just want to fuck you up and fuck you over lol.
When is the last time she made you feel anything at all? I mean how could you get hard to her with me around in the back of your mind? You're always aching for a mind blowing orgasm, and she just can't give you that like I can. So I want you to goon her away, goon her away until she doesn't exist any more. Stroke away any thoughts of her and replace them with me. Goon away your marriage, don't ever think about it again. You don't need her. All you wanna do is be here with me, pumping your cock to me. Since the first time you saw me you lost your mind, you haven't been able to stop thinking about me, or gooning, or obsessing.
I know you, I know your triggers, I know what you need. She doesn't. You don't need her anymore, she is just getting in our way. You need to be able to worship me the way I'm meant to be worshiped. Complete and utter devotion. No one else should even exist. My wants and needs should come before hers. I want you to erase her every day by gooning to me. Goon her away completely. And the more you goon to my perfect, young, hot body, the less you'll think of her. Goon her away. Goon away your marriage lol.
I am all you need. I love that she has no idea that you're here with me right now instead of in bed with her. That shows where your devotion truly lies. She must wonder why you never touch her any more lol. It's because you can't get me out of your head. Fucking her doesn't make your cock throb the way just staring at me does. I know exactly how your brain works. I know you're not going anywhere near your wife ever again because you can't stop worshiping what you will never have. All you can do is obsess over me, just the way you were meant to lol.
And the most pathetic part is that I don't even know you exist. This is your reality, not mine. You made yourself a jerk addict for me. And now you're watching your marriage crumble for some girl online who doesn't even know who you are lol! I want you to forget her name. The only name you'll ever repeat while you're cumming is mine lol. I want your addiction to me to overpower your marriage. Feel your marriage disintegrating with every pump because jerking to me feels so much better than sex with her ever could lol! Forget her with every pump and replace her with thoughts of me until there's nothing left of your marriage.
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