Andrea Rosu - First Time

Added: 19-03-2022

Hi honey, how was school?  What is it, my sweet boy?  You seem so tired.  Oh, you're thirsty.  Well...step Mommy has the very thing to quench your thirst.  And I think you're old enough to learn.  Who's my big boy?!  Are you my big boy?!
Watch as step Mommy spreads her legs in front of you, showing off her luscious juicy pussy.  Step Mommy wants you to crawl over, get on your knees between my sweet thighs, and give step Mommy a kiss...but not on those lips!  You are going to swallow all of my juices, and I promise you won't be thirsty anymore. sweet boy is making his step Mommy feel so good!  Right there, my boy.  Keep licking and kissing.  And don't stop until I tell you it's time.
You are a natural!  You make me feel soooo GOOD!  But now step Mommy is hungry, and I know exactly what I want.  Watch my legs as I cross them and lean into you (I know how much you love my legs!).  Take your little dick out so that I can touch it and make it feel real good.  Oh are ready for me, aren't you?  When you feel like you're about to explode, step Mommy is going to put her soft lips around your pee pee and swallow everything.  I promise you it will feel like the most amazing thing ever!

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