Cruel Girlfriend - Princess Ashleigh - Chastitygasm For Me And My Girlfriend

Added: 19-03-2022

It's just too much fun babe - trust me! You're gonna love it! The hopeless frustration all over his humiliated face as he tries to jerk off for us. He's so fucking stupid - he's all locked-away in a teeny-tiny cock-cage and tucked away under the cutest pair of frilly pink sissy panties desperately trying to stoke for us… but he just can't! Haha You can't right loser? You can't stroke it - you can't even touch it - you can't get a pity-boner and no matter how hard you shake, rub, rattle or pinch that little plastic cage - you can't feel a thing! No pleasure - just endless frustration. Let us remind you one more time loser - you can't feel any pleasure because you’re all locked up in chastity for us and that's where you're gonna stay. We're not gonna let you out of there - no fucking way! We're having WAY too much fun teasing you and humiliating you and making you feel so fucking stupid to ever want to let you out of that thing! Instead, you can kneel in front of me and my hot girlfriend and do that whole chastity jerk off thing you're have going on and you can try to cum like that!
Go ahead loser - jerk it for the popular girls. Jerk your chastity cage for us as we try our hardest not to laugh at you! And trust me that's a bigger challenge than you have on your hands, missy pink-panties! Watching a frilly-pantied wimp like you kneeling before us, rubbing your chastity cage as we call you names is just too much! You're gonna stroke and rub over and over but you're gonna get nowhere loser. You can't get a real boner in that little cage, you can't feel anything, but frustration and embarrassment and you definitely can't cum. The only way you're gonna feel ANYTHING if from me and my girlfriend totally fucking humiliating you! That's what you need, right? Huh chastity-boi? Do you need pretty girls making fun of you to help you cum in that device for us? Do you need us to call you even more hurtful names? Do you need us to call all our other girlfriends over to join in humiliating you? Maybe you need us to invite our boyfriends over too - so they can enjoy seeing you jerking in a chastity device and panties!
Jerk your cock you little wimp - Jerk for the bully dream-girls who wanna watch you chastity-gasm for us. Try as hard as you can to cum in your device so we can see the ego-crushing embarrassment and cruel frustration overwhelming you with every stroke. It's so pathetic right? It's so totally pathetic! We're gonna give you a count down and if you haven't chastitygasmed for us by the time we reach zero we're gonna totally fucking humiliate you - just like we said so. We'll get the other girls over to join in bullying you. We'll get our real-man boyfriends over to laugh at you and we'll get such a kick outta humiliating you in front of them! So cum for us chastity-boi. What's taking you so long? Isn't having 2 hot as fuck Princesses like us in cute little outfits being super-fucking mean to you good enough? Haha! Maybe if you prove you can cum for girls like us we'd unlock you - maybe. So hurry up already cage-creamer. Cum in chastity for us or we'll just have to keep you locked in that cage forever!
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