Daphney Rose - Asshole Sniffing and Licking Your Cruel Farting Teacher FULL Version

Added: 19-03-2022

***This FEMDOM bare ass fart worship teacher fantasy is available as a 2 part download, or as a FULL VERSION which is what this download is***
It has recently cum to my attention that YOU are the one who has been sending me these ridiculous love notes. Notes containing very incriminating information regarding your highly inappropriate obsession with me. Seeing that I am in a bit of a power position here as you teacher, I will be the one deciding how to discipline you for your unacceptable behavior. Your options are to do exactly what I say, when i say it and for how long I say....or I can turn these love notes over to the principal AND your relatives. Who knows what kind of trouble that will get you in then!
Upon making your choice, I promptly begin to administer my humiliating ass worshiping punishment within the first several minutes of this video. The remainder of our time together is spent with me blasting big nasty farts in your face. All the while you are telling me how much you adore and worship my big ass. I demand You to bury your little nose deep between my big round smelly ass cheeks and inhale. Licking and kissing my stinky farting asshole. Perhaps if you please me with your fart eating ass sniffing adoration, we can keep this little love letter indiscretion just between us ;)
I leave for just a moment to get my phone and return to record some blackmail-fantasy video of your humiliating predicament. Incriminating Footage of you reading your stupid love letters out loud while smelling my farts, which can be used in the event you decide to back out of our little arrangement an any point ;) I spread my juicy cheeks showing off my puckered asshole and do my best to disguise my pleasure in your anguish , insisting that i take no enjoyment whatsoever from this cruel humiliating ass punishment. I am doing this ONLY for you, in order to teach you a well deserved lesson. Each fart I push from my ass is sent right at your face. Sometimes I spread my ass while looking at back you, fanning my farts towards you, sometimes will my asshole pressed directly against your your face. With you down on your knees and your nose buried in my ass, I demand you repeatedly inhale deeply while you tell me how much you love the burning scent of my farting. As part of your punishment, you must also wrap your lips around my stink hole, tasting and swallowing my delicious pungent farts down your throat too.
I know this may seem extreme, but surely it is far better then your relatives and the principal finding out about your perverted obsession with me, YOUR TEACHER! GassyGoddessFarts
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