Cruel Girlfriend - Maddie Parker - Sissy Facial Recognition Game

Added: 19-03-2022

Let's play a sissy exposure game today. I'm going to find out whether or not you can make yourself so girly and so slutty that nobody would recognise your sissy face belonged to you. So to start with I'm going to have to get you really feminised. I'll pick out the most humiliating outfit you have - because if someone DOES recognise you I want you to be dressed in the most emasculating prissy girly clothes imaginable. So let's find something ultra feminine, with lace and satin and puffy frills - something ONLY a sissy would ever wear. I'll slip you in and lace you up tightly so you won't be able to get out without our help. Once you're wearing your emasculation uniform and some matching heels it's time to do your makeup. Now if you want any hope of keeping your sissy identity safe you'll need to spend a LOT of time getting this right. Watch Maxie's Sissy Makeup Tutorial to make sure you are looking flawless and totally feminine. You'll want big lashes, lots of eye makeup and thick lipstick. So all you need now is a wig and you'll be perfectly disguised as the sissy girl of your dreams! Take a look in the mirror - do you recognise yourself? Do you think people you know would recognise you now? So you're almost ready to reveal yourself on the internet as a sissy but there's one last thing to add for this Sissy Facial Recognition Game - and that's the FACIAL! I want you to show the world your sissy face all covered in cum! So before you go live - you're going to assume the sissy facial position and jerk all over your face! Then when you've cum on your sissy face I'm gonna EXPOSE you!
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